結果として、ジェシーJはセリーヌ・ディオンの「My heart will go on」を歌って1位。フィリピンの歌手KZは「Royals」を歌って残念ながら8位でした。

ジェシーの「My heart will go on」は選曲がオーソドックスすぎるような気がしましたが流石に素晴らしかったです。ジェシーにしてはあまりオーバーではなかったのですが、最後は情感たっぷりで観客も総立ちでした。

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I picked this song for episode 9. I flew to China from London for rehearsals. Over night I fell really unwell (I suffer with a heart condition and other health issues that cause me to have sudden / severe pain) and knew my priority was to fly back to London to be with my doctors. I left just 18 hours after arriving in China. It was one of the hardest / longest flights of my life. Not because of the pain and the fear when I get that unwell. I also hate letting anyone down. I was in London for 5 days in and out of hospital / resting. After many tests and reviews I was advised by my doctors not to fly. But something deep down told me I could do it. (I know I know. Some of you are for sure rolling your eyes at me right now) So I flew back to China (granted I missed rehearsals) I made it in time to sing this song on episode 9. At 10 years old, so 20 years ago almost to the day I was diagnosed with my heart condition after I collapsed in a park. I was taken into Great Ormand Street Hospital and had an oblation. I was told then by doctors “your life will never be normal” I always think to myself, and even did back then… What is normal? A persons normal is personal to them, what you make it to be. My mind is strong, but my body can be weaker. I sometimes need to be gently reminded that I have to slow down and reminded that my body has different limitations to other people. Not one person on this planet is the same and can do the same. BUT I am a fighter, my health has been my biggest personal battle for me as long as I can remember. However hard I know it is to do my life with what I have and the sacrifices I make. I have never wanted to be defined by my health. Trust me I’m not sharing this story looking for sympathy. Im sharing it because it’s my truth, and I hope it can Inspire someone else that can’t control when their body decides “No not today” I watched this performance in tears because I see me. I see my fear. Probably because I know what I was thinking. “Don’t faint , don’t faint” But more importantly I see my passion. I see what it takes and I see myself trying… The moral of the story is… “My heart will go on” ❤️ Thank YOU @celinedion

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が、退場者の二人は来週はゲストで登場してくれるみたいです。KZはなんとジェシーJの「Who you are」を歌ってくれるらしい。なんとまあ。楽しみ。

トップバッターの华晨宇 は《山海》という低音を聴かせる曲。こちらも良かったですが、今回は5位。






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